How to Get a Job in Currency Trading

Are you interested in a job trading currency? You don't have to live on Wall Street to be a currency trader; there are offices throughout the United States. You should have an understanding of foreign currencies and trading.

First you will want to prepare your resume. Why would a brokerage want to give you a currency-trading job? Make sure to include special skills, experience, education (it is possible to get a currency trading job without a college degree but it is more difficult) or previous employment that would better qualifies you to trade foreign currency.

Find companies that are hiring currency traders. There are many resources you can use to find currency trading jobs. The Internet has numerous employment sites and job boards you can use to search for trading jobs. Make sure to check these sites often because they get updated frequently. You can also try using an employment agency or job recruiter. Sometimes these companies will want to charge a fee for job placement or they will want you to work with them exclusively. Find out your employment agency's or job recruiter's policies before agreeing to anything.

Once you find a company you would like to work for send over your resume and request an in person interview. Make sure to brush up on your market knowledge before going to the interview. Many companies are willing to take on an employee who has no experience and train them, especially if they agree to work solely on commission.

You need to have a license to trade exchange-traded currencies and you do not need a license to trade the FOREX (foreign exchange). Make sure you find out what platform the company you are going to work for uses so that if necessary you can prepare to take the exam to get your Series 3 license. The exam has 120 questions and will last two and a half hours.

Good luck with finding a job trading foreign currency!
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